A Door of Hope

Sometimes when we get lost in caregiving it seems as though we have lost our own dreams and hopes in the lives of those for whom we care. That's not a downer...it's just reality. It is difficult to plan anything because of all the great effort it requires. You have to ask others to come and stay with the one who is receiving care, plus show them all the things required for the day. It's usually the sigh I get before they say "yes" that I dread more than the answer itself.

It's interesting how we can do what we do 24/7 but somehow it's a serious inconvenience for another family member to take a Saturday morning so we can get a small break. And the sighs get heavier and more abundant when we need a couple days out! It can feel hopelessly heavy at times.

There's no doubt we love them; the one we are caring for. But sometimes it seems when tragedy or sickness dealt its blow not only were all their dreams shattered and sucked away into some huge vacuum - so were ours. In just one moment everything can change.

Hosea 2:15 says that He will make the valley of Achor as a door of hope. Achor means pain. How exactly He can do it is beyond me! But somehow He will turn the pain we experience into hope...and we will sing again. When I feel hopeless I remember that I am still breathing...then I take a big breath in and think...as long as I am breathing there is hope that He will bring more hope! As long as I am breathing I can trust that He will work all things for my good...because I love Him and trust Him. And as usual, He isn't sharing details! I must rest assured in the hope of His promises today.

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