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Where is Your Hope?

Along the journey of caregiving there are many disappointments. I have heard it said that when tragedy strikes you find out who your real friends are. For me this has proven true, sadly enough. Many people are willing to walk through it with you for a time, but they cannot handle a life-long commitment. But then God seems to always send true friends who can be there even when you don't know you need anything! It is certain that along life's journey (caregiving or not) we cannot put our hope or our faith in people as they will disappoint us.

 For that matter, we cannot put our hope in the medical profession either. There are some wonderful professionals that will go the extra mile and do all they can and a little more. But ultimately as wonderful as they can be they are not our hope. 1Peter 1:21 reminds us to keep our hope in God. No matter what kind of circumstances press in us daily - and for caregivers they can be many in a day - our hope must remain in the Lord.  Romans 15:13 adds this to these thoughts: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We cannot lose our hope in God. And I am not talking about a hope that is built around the physical. This hope is putting our lives in His rejuvenates us and strengthens us to face another day. He does not fill us with empty hopes like great wealth or perfect health...this hope goes far beyond the physical realm. It's a hope that is more than a flimsy wish. It is that knowing that no matter what comes at us in a day - He's got us. The circumstance will not change this kind of's in Him. And we are in Him...keep your hope (your life) in Him.

Emotionally Stranded

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