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Me, Myself and I

Sometimes it is really difficult to think outside of our box. Well, think about it a little bit. We are pretty much at home all (or at least most) of the time. Social interaction can be almost nonexistent as when we do get out it is only to run necessary errands. We listen to sermons who encourage us to reach out to others and most times we are the ones who need a helping hand!

James doesn't help any as he says in the first chapter pure religion and undefiled before God is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself unspotted by the world. How are we ever going to measure up when we cannot get out of our space? It's time to be creative!

It will totally change our perspective to see our selves as givers rather than takers. One thing that is simple and inexpensive is to call someone else who you know to be shut-in or in the hospital. It doesn't take but a minute - but you know how much one cheerful phone call can change your day!

Sending cards is another inexpensive way to get out of our own little world. They can just be a "praying for you" or "thought of you today" type card. Blank cards are only a couple of bucks for about 10 of them and stamps are still less than 50 cents. You can make someone else's day by just dropping them a note to say you prayed for them today!

The church gets stuck in a rut sometimes, but we as caregivers do not have to. We can follow the great commission from our homes. We can continue to reach out even when we feel we need to be the one reached out to! It's too easy to get self absorbed into our personal situations. Lighten up your day and that of someone else by being creative and reaching out to someone else today! (maybe if we share some ideas we can come up with a list of creative things we can do together!)

Emotionally Stranded

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