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Even in this Place

chris in the standing frame with me beside him

 I don't know about your day-to-days, but I know mine can be hectic. Sometimes, even our calmest days can't compare to the "norm." Caregiving is not for the faint of heart! But that doesn't mean we don't have our moments of full-blown breakdowns. No judgment here! Every once in a while, a good cry releases pent-up emotions. It's healthy, actually. 

We may feel like we are in a desert place, a wilderness, or secluded from society. Sometimes, we feel surrounded by loving people, but the struggle remains. And honestly, some days I can go from a desert to an oasis, and back to the desert again emotionally - just in a matter of a few minutes, or even seconds. lol. Do you relate?

Here's the thing - no matter where we are - or where we feel we are - God is still working in and for us.

Yesterday, I sat with my guitar and sang for a few minutes. I poured out my heart to Him, and He answered. It was like I was feeling Him bringing restoration, healing, and refreshing right here in my living room. I was in awe. Then, I began to sing a spontaneous song about His love being even in this place. I was a bit overwhelmed to realize He would walk right up to my pain, right up to my heartache, right into my desert. Even in this place - He restores, heals, refreshes, and is present.

Then, I thought of Hagar and how God came to her in the desert when she was feeling alone and without hope. I thought of how Jesus went through Samaria - the forbidden territory - just to meet a woman (of all things) at the well. Why wouldn't He walk into my desert? Why wouldn't He meet me even in this place?

Today, I will remind myself that He chooses to come into my pain. I'll turn my thoughts toward how He chooses to walk with me in the deserts and through the rivers of life. My meditations will be on His presence and how He is right here - wherever "right here" is for each of us. He isn't scared or put off by our circumstances. Instead, He seems invited and comfortable in them. I'll enjoy His presence today - will you join me?


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