Facing Goliath

As a caregiver even small things can seem huge becasuse of the strain we are under. The tiniest thing (even if we know it is tiny) can set us off into lala land with our emotions. And the bigger things - there's no description for those emotions...and many times no words.

Today I encouraged myself with the story of David. He faced Goliath. He had never faced a giant before. Actually, there's no indication that he faced any person before that day - not in the heat of battle. He wasn't old enough to be a soldier. But he had faced similar odds.

He had faced a lion and a bear. They had come to steal the sheep he was keeping and he didn't have anything but the strength of his hands and the help of God! And he tore them apart!

My meditations are on things today that I may or may not have any control over. Situations come up that perhaps I have not been through. But because of what I have seen God carry me through in the past I can stand in His strength and face them.

David had this mentality. God had given him the strength to take out the bear and the lion and he had no doubt He would take the giant down as well. So I don't kow what your today looks like - but remind yourself of the things you've seen God bring you through in the past. It will help to bring some light to today - and the future as well - becasue we know that He will never leave us or forsake us!

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