God's Unchangeable Purpose

I am presently reading the Bible through alphabetically. (don't ask - I'm just weird like that!) Today I was reading through Hebrews and found this phrase: the unchangeableness of His purpose. Nowt he passage is talking about how He brought us hope in Christ and has never changed His mind. But I believe it gives us some insight into Who He is and what He is like.

He is not a God who sits in the heavens and changes His mind. That would be a huge thing to try to redirect! He is constant and sure - even if life is unstable and unpredictible. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is our constant (and consistent) rock that we can stand on, hide in or run to when we are troubled.

I am so glad that the circumstances of my life do not dictate His stability! He is sure and He is with us today as we care for our loved ones.

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