Honesty - Really is The Best Policy

Anger can come so easily when you are consumed with caregiving. Don't let people tell you it's a sin to be angry. Paul didn't say to never be angry; he simply said don't sin when you are angry. Actually there are several references to this falsely accused emotion in the Bible. And Jesus' anger at seeing the house of prayer turning into a public marketplace where sacrifices were being bought and sold is only one such example.

When I am angry, I just tell God why. It's not like He doesn't know. He knows what upset me to begin with, he knows how the emotions can rage, He understands me through and through. It's not like if I squelch it completely like it isn't there it will be unnoticeable to Him, is it?

I may be totally off, but I am thinking that when I get on overload I can tell Him all about it. It's not like it surprises Him and He's going to say, "I had no idea you felt that way."!

Psalm 51:6 says Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts. Honesty is still the best policy. God is the safest place to vent all our emotions. My daughter used to write letters to God. I think she still has notebooks filled with these letters. I find I write out a lot of my emotions. Putting them on paper and walking away is sometimes a good place to leave them.

Today, just be brutally honest with God. Tell Him exactly how you feel, what you thinking - or even if you don't know how to think! Pour it out before Him. This is how healing begins.

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