The Lord is My Song

I used to sing a lot and I believe there are some healing qualities in music. But a song is hard to come by when times get too stressful. While sitting in ICU waiting to see if my son would live or die I'm sorry but I just didn't have an appropriate song to sing.

As the months and years have gone on slowly the music has returned. Yesterday we even listened to "oldies" for a little while! Slowly my song has been restored. Of course I really believe that praise and worship music brings some healing qualities to our spirits. But even just singing some fun songs yesterday was somewhat refreshing.

This morning during my devotions I came across Isaiah 12:2 it says:

Behold God is my salvation
I will trust and not be afraid
For the Lord is my strength and my song
and He has become my salvation.

This will be my meditation today, that the Lord is my song. I will fix my heart and mind on Him and sing. As I care for my son today I will even sing to him! That might wake him up! Take some time today to sing, sing anything, childhood nursery rhymes your favorite oldies, hymns or choruses. But as you take some time to sing today your heart will be lightened by it. Make sure to take some time to sing to Him - the giver of music.

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