New Things Are Just....Scary

Those things we consider "normal" in life are generally easy to deal with. Most of us don't fret about buying groceries, insurance or purchasing new vehicles. But each of the daily typically easy things can become a much larger question when dealing with it through caregiver's eyes. There are so many things to consider.

I am moving today and I am really nervous. There has to be so many more players in a move when there is someone who is not very mobile. It can be completely overwhelming! The bed, lift and any other rented equipment has to be moved by the company and so it is done by appointment. It's no big deal really, but it just makes something that is already complicated (moving) even more complicated! And that doesn't eve touch all the worries about how (or if) they will adjust to new surroundings!

These are the times some of the old hymns come to mind... It is Well With My Soul...Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus - just to take Him at His word...Blessed Assurance...Peace, Peace Wonderful Peace... Sometimes they just say it best! When all the craziness is going on today I will be humming away!

It's funny to me how easy it can be to get back into His peace. Like He's just holding it out there waiting for us to run into it. It only takes a second to remember that Jesus gave us His peace (not as the world gives)...and all we have to do is turn and face it...and it will embrace us! So take a minute today to embrace His peace - He will hug you back!

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