Quiet Trust

Isaiah 30:15 has been a longtime favorite verse. The prophet is addressing Judah and is trying to encourage their return to the Lord. In this verse Isaiah says: In returning (to the Lord) and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength. The next part of the verse states that Judah was not willing to do so but ran from God instead.

In the most intense pain you would think it would be easier to run to Him, but it's not always the way it works. For me at times I wanted Him to ride in on a white horse and rescue me from the situation and make my son whole...obviously that's not going to happen. But when I can quiet my soul and turn it back to Him (returning) and allow Him to help me deal with the pain and the chores of everyday care giving, then I can find that rest in Him.

And as I begin to trust Him with all the "no-matter-whats" I find a rest that cannot be explained. Yes, there is still the bathing, feeding, transferring that interrupt the "normal" parts of my life...but there is rest and peace in the midst of the storm.

Today let us turn to Him, quiet our souls...and find rest.

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