Take Care of Yourself

Today I had someone sit with my son so I could run a 10K. Then I spent the afternoon with my daughter. It was very refreshing and much needed. I am learning that to be a good caregiver I have to find a way to take care of myself as well.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost. God lives in us. To be able to take care of others we must keep this body God gave us in shape and feeling well. My problem has been that it is very difficult for me to ask others to help. Silly, I know - but difficult. I am learning.

Please take time to care for the body He gave you - it's the only one you get and to be able to take good care of others we must take care of ourselves first. It is not selfish to enjoy things and outings every now and then! So take some time soon - God is our caregiver, as we care for our loved ones. But we must remember that He desires us to care for ourselves as well.

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