Wearing Many Hats

As a caregiver I find I must wear many hats. Some of them are more comfortable, or natural, than others. Since the one I am taking care of is my son, I am also a parent. But I also have another child so I must continue to wear the parent hat! I also have a grandson so I gratefully wear that hat as well! Then of course there are the sibling, daughter, niece and aunt hats.

Some hats are not as natural to me, for instance I have never had any desire to do anything in the nursing field so that hat is very uncomfortable for me. I also must now be a therapist. These are very uncommon arenas for me. These are where I really have to rely on God to give me ideas that work best for my son, since there is no help from man available.

I am sure if we each think a few minutes we can find several hats that we each must wear daily. But no matter what hat we must don He is intimately acquainted with all our ways. (Psalm 139:3) He knows every area that I am strong in and the ones I feel totally inadequate to fill. I am so thankful that He knows me inside out!

Today let our meditation be on how He is aware of our entire situations. He knows and He strengthens us for this day to live in Him. Let Him know you today...

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