What About the Dreams?

None of us were born caregivers. For many it was a traumatic experience of some sort that thrust us into it. Others a slow decline in a loved one gradually led us into caregiving. But we really do have a past. Each of us has experiences and lives that were lived hopefully to the fullest before we began to take care of another. We had plans, hopes and dreams of more things we wanted to do with our lives. Caregiving puts a hold on at least most of that - if not all. Where do the dreams go from here?

This is something I find myself sorting through. I wanted to travel and see the world and be a missionary of sorts. I'd love to go to Africa and many other places. Teaching is my thing and I could see myself traveling the US and the world just loving people and caring...and sharing His love. But that's all gone for now.

What does God do with all those aspirations we had before? Were they from Him? Were they only fabrications of our imagination? (an imagination that is of course God-inspired)...is there still hope of a life?

I wonder if Abraham ever wondered just when God would fulfil His promise. He waited something like 25 years for Isaac. And then God wanted him to put that seed on the altar! ...and he did...we must do the same before the Lord. No matter what dreams or visions He gave us before caregiving...they must be put back into His hands. He will restore. But we must trust Him to bring about all the things He promised. IF we make it happen it just won't be the same and it won't be restoration. Today my meditation will be on how faithful He is to His promises. I will encourage myself in the truth that He won't change His mind, and He cannot lie. And I will wait for Him...will you wait with me?

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