Who's Helping Who?

I'm sure as a caregiver you can look back over your journey and see that there have been many players, many helpers. At some point there have been hospital staff or home health personnel who have helped in any one of a wide variety of ways.  And of course somewhere in the mix is a physician and a pharmacist. All these have worked together for the benefit of the patient whether or not they've actually had direct contact with one another.

But with all the "help" there is avaialable through the medical system, none of them is "my helper." Psalm 121 says my help comes from the Lord Who made heaven and earth. When I realize that and meditate on it - it can make today's load a little lighter.

He created everything! All the oceans, seas, mountains, caves, forests, valleys and hills are the work of His hand. By His word the sun and the moon do their job and the earth maintains its route in orbit. That God is my help! - sheesh! I guess that sort of makes HIm our caregiver. So while I am caring for my son today - He is caring for me! I think I can relax and rest in that thought for awhile.

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