Can We Swallow Our Pride?

Have you ever been tired just by getting up? All the things that have to be done for the day are already nagging at your mind and it seems overwhelming. As a caregiver there's not an "off" button or and I'll-do-it-later clause. We have to keep moving putting one foot in front of the other.

Personally, my son is quite a bit larger than I am and I am a pretty small framed woman. Some of my friends admitted later that they had all sorts of doubts when I said I wanted to bring him home from the nursing home. I was scared too. And sometimes all those thoughts can still be rather overwhelming.

But as we face each day with even what seems like insurmountable tasks we can rest in the truth that the Lord is my help. Isaiah 50:9 states exactly that Behold the Lord God helps me...Most of us are pretty quick to recognize that without His help we could not do what we do!

Psalm 121 comes to mind too. In it the psalmist asks, where does my help come from?  Then he answers his own question with the stark realization that my help comes from the Lord. Sometimes we have to move over a little, and maybe eve swallow a little pride now and then - and let Him help us. Today my meditation will be on the Lord, my helper. I will try to recognize today and meditate on all the ways He helps me!

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