God's Little Smile

Moving can be a huge task no matter what the circumstances. But as a caregiver (and a single one at that) it is more than overwhelming. All the decisions you are making for someone else and making sure it will all work for you and them. There are so many questions wondering how the daily tasks will be carried out and can wheelchairs and other necessary equipment will fit with ease... just so many things to consider on top of the regular moving worries.

Then for me, there's all this second guessing after the decision is made. Will he adjust well, be comfortable and accept a new place. You know how stressful it can be!

The day after I signed papers on the new apartment I came by to take a quick look before the real moving began. I went out to the patio because the tiny backyard was a plus! And there smiling up at me was a beautiful tulip! It was not even visible the day I viewed the apartment and there is was so colorful and majestic in its own way. It may sound weird but it actually brought a tear to my eyes...it was a small thing but stuck out beautifully! It was like God's smiled and it gave me the energy to tackle the move!

Look around today and notice the little things. God doesn't always speak using rolling thunder and lightning dancing across the sky. For Elijah it was a still, small voice. (1 Kings 19:9-18) Sometimes we look for God to shake the earth when He speaks to us; but many times it's in very small things and happenings. Take time to find His smile today...

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