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So I was meditating on the topic of John the Baptist and different prophets in the Bible. I was thinking about how each one was called. This was my mental preparation for the weekly newsletter that I send out through my ministry. (Dove's Fire) As I thought about John the Baptist I thought there is no record of his calling into ministry. He just appears out of the wilderness full of the fire of God!
Then the thought occurred to me that his mom was Elizabeth. And when she conceived John the Baptist instead of publicly celebrating the removal of her reproach, she hid  herself away to celebrate with God. And now here's her son who we know nothing about except his birth and short-lived ministry. He appeared out of the wilderness...and I wondered if he did the same thing his mama did. Did he feel that urge to be with God and go spend time with Him until he was prepared? I think it's a safe assumption although I cannot prove it in scripture (yet...).

There is a lot to finding that quiet place alone with God. But for the caregiver it is not always an easy task. There is so much to do to take care of our loved one that too many times there is no time left for ourselves. And for me personally, if I don't get a few minutes to myself to be with Him in the morning - the day is quickly so hectic that I can never capture a quiet moment again!

But it is important for two reasons. We really need to do something for ourselves - why not? We do everything we can for someone else but many times do not allow ourselves even the luxury of sitting quietly for a few minutes.  We deserve that few minutes of quiet meditation on the word. And really - we need it. We need to hear from Him, feel His touch, hear His breath...sometimes that is what will carry us through the day of caregiving. So take time - some time during your day for you to spend with God. You will find that you are refreshed - and like John the Baptist - filled with His fire once again. He will give you the strength to carry on!

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