Tender Nurturing

Being a full time caregiver is a tough job. There are many days we may only hear our own voice. Some days we can get out - but many days we are sitting staring at the same four walls. Sure, whenever our personal "tragedy" happened (whatever form it took) there were tons of people around. All or most of them assuring us they would walk it with us. But gradually, they all go about their lives and leave us to suffer in ours.

I don't blame anyone for that...they meant well and probably genuinely cared. But then when it came to the reality of the circumstances they didn't know how to incorporate us back into their lives as everything had changed. Well, it does hurt some - but no reason to be angry or take it personal. From what I understand it's just the way it is. It's always happened this way for everyone! So we are not so special! lol...

The psalmist cited in Psalm 27:10 that even though my father and mother forsake me ...the Lord will take me up. And what's He going to do with us? Isaiah 40:11 - He will tend His flock, in His arms He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes. I'd like to think of caregivers as nursing ewes. That is the nurturing side of us. I had never seen myself as a gentle nurturer before my son's accident. But I recognize those qualities now. And God is doing the same for us that we are doing for someone else...that's amazing! He is tenderly caring for us in our most painful situations...that's just too cool...I can rest in that!

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