Anxious Thoughts - This Early?

For the caregiver thoughts can run away very quickly; and that's just planning out today! Early in the morning I sit and sort of plan the day, don't you? My mind goes through all the things that need to be done just to get through the day.

Of course number one is taking care of our loved one. Everything else has to revolve around that...if it gets done at all! There's feeding, changing, transferring, making sure they are comfortable, any medications given, dressing...and that's just a few of the things for every day. Don't forget all the arguing you do with the medical profession - pharmacists, therapist (or the lack thereof..)....That doesn' count all the surprises that may come up in a day. And even within the best laid out schedule there has to be much flexibility as you never know what a day will bring!

Add to that just the daily stuff - cooking, laundry, housework, managing finances...and for me - trying to secure enough work online to pay the bills...and it doesn't take long at 5 or 6 in the morning for the thoughts to run away with you. I am so glad that He is not scared of my thoughts - because frankly, sometimes I am! lol

Psalm 94:19 says this: When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul. When I read that this morning I just had to smile! What a comfort to know that He patiently waits for our minds to slow down some so He can get a word of comfort in edgewise!

Even with all the activities that go with just making another day - He is there ready to comfort. And His word does indeed console and comfort our hearts. The older I get the more comforting His word becomes. I am so glad that when my thoughts run away with me He doesn't start wringing His hands...He sends His peace and patiently waits for me to recognize it and accept it! His Word is indeed my comfort even when I am momentarily filled with anxious thoughts...let us turn our thoughts to Him today.

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