Cultivating Faithfulness

I think it is pretty well understood that there are good days and bad days. Some days caregiving can be a joy and very rewarding. Then there are days that are dreaded almost before we get out of the bed...One thing we talk about here a lot is that God is faithful...period. No matter what the circumstances and no matter how low we can go it is one thing that we can hold on to; even if we can't quite explain it from here...

This morning I was reading in Psalm 77 as I return there frequently when my mental questions get too many to handle. This time I saw the faithfulness of the writer. We talk about God's faithfulness to us a lot...but what about ours? It's not like we deserve some reward here on earth and we don't even want any recognition at all - but do a self inventory real quick.

Are you still believing Him in spite of circumstances?
No matter what happens - are you still looking to Him for comfort and strength?
Do you continue in His word even when you don't see the answers you desire?
No matter how weak you feel..are you still standing...
and standing...?

congrats - you are faithful!

Psalm 37:3 uses the phrase cultivate faithfulness. I believe that as we continue to pursue Him even in adversity we are doing just that! While we meditate on His faithfulness, realize that you are being faithful in just considering how faithful He is to you! Continue to cultivate that faithfulness to matter what you see or feel...He is faithful and He put that same faithfulness in you!

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