Ever Feel Like the Energizer Bunny...?

I'm wondering right now if the energizer bunny was on steroids...the commercial always said it keeps going and going... and of course it was advertising long battery life! Well, I'm not on steroids and I'm not really too full of energy but you all know that as caregivers we really don't have any other choice other than to just keep going and going...and going...

What are we supposed to do when we don't feel like going on? There's no choice - we keep going.
What do caregivers do when we get tired but it's morning anyway?  - we keep going.
What if we don't feel like cooking or doing laundry? - we keep going...
And the list of things we do could literally go on forever I think; with transfers, feeding, purchasing incontinent supplies, looking for the best prices online for various supplies, bathing, etc....we just keep going.There's really no time to consider our own needs or how we are feeling, things have to be done for another and we are the ones who must do them.Where do we get the strength to carry on?

Do you ever take a minute to think about all the things that God has to do for us each day? First of all, He keeps us breathing! Jesus said in Matthew that He knows all our needs and that He provides for the lilies and the birds and He'll provide for us as well. Right now I have to believe that this includes providing the strength I need to make it through today.

There are many things that keeps the caregiver going - one of course is the love we have for the person we are caring for. But two things stand out - One that God continues to care for us and never gets tired and Two I look at my son as God's sheep and me the Shepherd charged with his tender care.

When I used to get be involved in prison ministry they used to sing a song and one phrase was and I ain't tired yet! I always reminded them that According to Isaiah 40, God ain't tired yet either! He will not tire of caring for us...and He will not tire of giving us His strength to make another day!

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