One Step At A Time

One thing that I have learned since becoming  caregiver is that I was taking life for granted. And there are times when I miss my "real life" as I call it. But I am learning to live this one better all the time. I just have to enjoy and embrace each moment as it comes.

I am also a runner (see related blogs!). So I really do understand just putting one foot in front of the other! When I ran my first half marathon I thought about that some. I would pick a target out in front of me and think just run to there. And of course when I got there I'd choose another. Then before I knew it  as already at the 9 mile marker. I was like, wow! that was fast! I could not run the whole marathon all at one time it could only be done one step at a time.

A day can offer many emotional changes and challenges. But it is wisdom sometimes to not look at the entire picture, but only the part you have to handle today....then just walk today out one step at a time.

It only takes finding peace for one moment for it to spill into the next. The apostle Paul told the Colossians to let  the peace of God rule in their hearts. That means I can choose to allow it  to rule rather than what I see or feel for this moment. So take some time today and think about just letting His peace rule for a minute...and then or another...and just one more moment..until His peace has leaked out all through your day!

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