Why Are You In Despair My Soul?

These are the words of a psalmist perhaps he was simply asking himself why he kept finding himself a the point of despair. He asked it several times in two psalms. I don't dare ask myself this question as I could probably take a few minutes to go down my personal list of why I am depressed items! It can be so easy to slip under the load we are carrying. Then it is difficult to climb out to see daylight in our emotions again!

Te psalmist asked himself why are you in despair my soul - then he gave himself the solution - hope in God. The solution has not changed through the years. When we feel we cannot go on one more minute in our situation - our hope is in God. Emotions may be frazzled, strength wasted away, tiredness has set in - and it's only 8 AM....but our hope remains in the God of hope.

He will strengthen us for the journey - and He has not called us to walk it alone. It may feel like a very lonely journey...as people are sparse. But when our brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances remain at a distance - God will take us up.

Today remind yourself of His unfailing love, and His sustaining strength. Let Him be the help of your countenance (Psalm 42:11) no matter what you face. We understand that the caregiver is not exempt from the regular trials of life just because we have the responsibility of caring for another. We simply have caregiving plus  all the regular trials that come with life. You know - money, bills, food, clothing, doing laundry...and the list goes on. We have exactly the same stuff to do as everyone else and then we have to completely take care of another person too...It's not an easy walk any way you look at it...but we do not have to walk it in despair. We can walk it in His hands...as our souls wait for Him and hope in Him the despair will fade away.

Remember that He cares for that eternal part of us - the part that doesn't die. That's how deep His protection for us runs. And even if our flesh fails...He is the hope of our heart- of our spirit man. And of that He will not let go!

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