Faith That Meets His Approval

Sometimes scriptures don't seem too fair. Like the one in Daniel 3. The three Hebrew children are facing a fiery, hot furnace when they make their statement of faith, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us...but even if He doesn't...we will bot worship you gods...and we know that they indeed did get thrown into the furnace. But we also know that they walked out unscathed! And even though God did not keep them from being thrown in, in the end He did deliver them. Of course, when they made their faith statement they knew God's ability, but were unsure of His actions. They did not presume that God would step in.

But what if He hadn't? As caregivers it's easy to see that He hasn't stepped in so far to rescue us out of the situation - because we are still in it. That does not mean that at any point He won't either! He may come riding in on a white horse and redeem the situation. And although that complete deliverance is possible, it hasn't happened to date. So today is here for us to deal least until!

Some have pointed at us and said we don't have faith since the situation hasn't turned. I beg to differ based on what I found this morning in Hebrews 11 - our "Hall of Faith" heroes.  In verses32 through 36 there is a list of all these great deliverances that God brought to His people of faith. But just below that in the next couple of verses are some other listings - things God didn't just make go away. Things like prison, put to death by the sword, sawn into! Yikes! And yet in verse 39 it says that these all - everyone listed who faced situations - all of them - whether or not they walked away from the trouble - ALL gained approval through their faith.

Faith is not getting out of the trial - as much as having the strength to believe in the midst of it! I still believe! Give yourself a break today - you are still believing through it all. And according to Hebrews 11 - that receives great approval from God!

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