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Strength in Quietness

On any given day the frustrations can mount! (maybe it's just me....) You actually schedule a quick trip to the store to grab a few items and the aid doesn't show! Or you plan an outing and your loved one is not up to par. Maybe you've called the doctor and they did not return your phone call. For me it can be the fact that my son didn't eat at all, or he will not cooperate with his exercises! Some things that seem like small things can add up to be huge on days when tensions run tight! (like spilling the bath water, tripping over a rug that's been there for months or forgetting where you put the box cutter the day supplies come in! lol!) If we are not careful there are so many things to do any given day that we can live life wound up like a taut rubber band. Trying to maintain a quiet spirit is something we might laugh at!

 But in 1 Peter 3:4 the apostle says that a gentle and quiet spirit is precious in the sight of God...This attitude is what we are to be adorned with - and God likes it! However, for me at least, a quiet spirit can be very far away! It takes effort to stop and refocus and get my spirit quiet, especially on those days when things are crazy out of control. (some people think that we are home all day and live a luxuriously peaceful life! lol!! ...what they don't know! lol!)

 The psalmist said in Psalm 46:10 that we should be still and know that He is God.He did not mention that it would have to be a purposeful action - the act  of being still...and that it is not always easily achieved inside the hectic circumstances. But I am finding that when I just stop.. for even a moment and refocus my thoughts on Him - it makes it easier to face the next daily crisis, the next decision I have to make, or the next situation that I must face.

 I encourage you today to concentrate on adorning yourself (guys too!) with a quiet spirit, and a gentle spirit before the Lord. We cannot present ourselves humbly before Him if we are ranting and raving and waving our arms about! Take a few moments today to quiet yourself before Him. (hint: you may need to do it more than once!) It will be well worth the effort - you'll find a strength in the quietness you forgot was there!


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