Things Eternal

Following Paul's advice in Colossians 3:2 can be difficult for the caregiver; beneficial, but difficult. He told us to set your mind on things above - Our days are filled with tons of caregiving tasks to do and when life itself is blaring in your face it can be difficult to set our minds on things above.

Any given day our minds can be full and busy getting tasks associated with caregiving lined up and done. Take my week for example. It's the last week of the month and it seems like all the health professionals wait until the very last second to do their visits. Then they expect m to jump through hoops rearranging things to make room for them in an already tight schedule. Fortunately and unfortunately they are all doing them today. A new aide, the doctor and the case manager are all coming today. I don't see getting anything done today.

These kinds of busy days it can be difficult to get your mind on anything other than just surviving. How am I supposed to be able to set my mind on things above or keep my mind focused on eternity? Can we stay focused on Him and His kingdom when time seems like it's just being sucked away?

When the days get hectic beyond control it's important to remember that we remain hidden in Him. When our front door seems to be a swinging door at Grand Central Station, I have to remember that He is my peace. What we see doesn't really matter. I have to train my mind to stay on the things that last - the things that affect eternity.

Today I will try to stay focused on the state of my heart. I will turn my thoughts and heart to being hidden in Him even in the hectic times of life. My meditations will be on keeping Him as the focus of my life - and I will keep my heart always pointed in His direction. Will you join me?

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