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It is a Good Thing!

I've been spending some time trying to get myself back together. As if the caregiver doesn't already have enough on their plate - life goes on and sometimes it can feel like it's throwing repeated blows. Enough to knock many people out - but not the fearless caregiver! *smile*

One thing I've found many caregivers deal with is depression. Hey, caregiving is not an easy life and it can get you down. We can't say anything about it - can't always admit it - and don't always have to deal with it; but it can be a struggle for some. For many it is a constant struggle - that includes me.

When you are fighting depression, everything is heavier and it can be very difficult to get a positive perspective on anything. But this morning as I was finishing up my devotions I had something happen and I just started thanking God for the good stuff. At times, it can even be difficult to figure out where the good stuff went. But if you look long and hard - and if you have to longer and harder - there is always something to give Him thanks for. My thanks for today started with bank accounts that have positive balances. (Don't laugh - it's real!) I checked the balances and just said, "thank you" to the Lord. And once I said that, I was able to think of something else to be thankful for...and then something else.

Psalm 92:1 says: It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord! Even though many of the things that cause stress have not been removed from my prayer list, and are not answered yet...there are many things to thank Him for. I can thank Him for breath, life, food in my kitchen, my grandchildren who warm my heart, and of course my coffee! *smile* No matter how small it can seem - start thanking Him for something. Thanksgiving grows in the heart when we purposefully pursue it. No matter how small of a thing we start with - giving Him thanks for it will help us find something else to thank Him for and it will create a chain reaction of praise to Him. Try it.

Being thankful even in life's most difficult seasons can help create a positive attitude and it's a lot easier to go through the day with a positive attitude than carrying the burden of a negative one. And you know what? It really does always come back to one thing ultimately - trusting Him.

Today I will purposefully look for things to thank Him for and I will continue with an attitude of gratitude. My thoughts will be on what He has done in my life and not on what I feel is lacking. I will conscientiously trust in Him for one more day. Will you join me?


  1. Glad I stumbled upon your devotional this morning. I am pretty consistent to spend time with God each morning before I get my wife out of bed and begin my caregiver duties. But this morning I needed relatability. Someone who get it and knows how hard this can be. My beautiful wife was injured 3 years ago this past July. She had a catastrophic head injury that has left her completely dependent on me for every need of life. We had an amazing marriage and life together. I so miss her and I struggle with depression . I think it would be called depression. I have never been a depressed person but now I tear up at that littlest thing. Anyway looking for that attitude of gratitude today I do have much to be grateful for just hard to focus on them sometimes.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am a caregiver for my son who has a brain injury. I do not know the emotions you must feel taking care of your wife, but I recognize the "living grief." We grieve the loss of our loved one even though they are "still here." I admire your courage in taking care of your wife. Many have just walked away. Thank you for being Christ to her.

    1. That is exactly it never heard it put that way, a living grief. I do believe people grow weary of hearing about how hard it can be. I do have a few amazing Christian brothers and sisters who have faithfully supported us financially. I could not take care of her without this support. The thought of her in a nursing home would kill me. Being in healthcare for many years I have first hand knowledge of the conditions she would be in . Thank you again for your devotions.

    2. We did the nursing home for the first year and a half until I could bring my son home. It would grieve me greatly to have to put him back there even though we had relatively good experiences.

      That's awesome that your Christian brothers and sisters have helped you so you could care for your wife! I love to see the body in action... that's wonderful!


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