Anticipating the Need

My son is non-verbal which can make it difficult sometimes to figure out what he is wanting or why he is uncomfortable. I usually say I'm pretty good at playing "guess and check" where I guess what to fix and then see if that's what makes him happy. It seems like I'm right most of the time but of course I never really know.

Sometimes I wish he could just tell me he needs some Tylenol; or that he's ready to go lie down. But he can't. I've had to figure out his silent signals and interpret what he needs or desires. On one hand, it seems like we've been working on that for some time - but actually it sort of came naturally. Probably because we are connected at the heart.

I think when it comes to communicating with God as our caregiver it can be similar, not that we can't tell Him what we need, but that sometimes we don't really know what we need. He can interpret our silent pleas for help. Along the journey there have been times I've had too many words (meaning I've said things to God I should not have said); but there have also been times of extreme pain when I didn't know what to say. And He's okay with either one.

For me - I have to anticipate my son's needs; but God already knows what I need. In Matthew 6:8 Jesus said that the Father knows what you need before you ask. He is not anticipating our needs - He already knows them. I think sometimes it's more about us learning how to receive His help. He knows and has already provided peace, comfort, joy and everything we need for life and godliness. (2 Peter 1:3) He listens to our verbal cries and hears our silent cries for help - and has already met the need.

It's up to us to learn how to rest in Him and how to receive peace, comfort and whatever else we need from Him. He's already extended it to us because He anticipated the need long before it existed. There's something very calming to me about acknowledging that.

Today I will meditate on how He provides everything I need. I'm going to take some time to look back over this caregiving journey and acknowledge how He's been with me all along and how He has provided what was needed all along. I'll meditate on how He knows  my need and has already provided for it. Will you join me?


  1. I totally "get it", Jeanie...trying to "guess" the needs of your son who is non-verbal. My daughter's middle child is almost 3 and is non-verbal; he has developmental issues and is still not walking or talking...they are teaching him/learning signes for things he wants/needs, like a drink of water or something to eat, or even if he is tired and wants to go "night night".

    I was with him and the younges who is 1 1/2 years old and find I am observing him more and more to see his signs. I love it when I say "Where's Soren?" and see him holding his hands over his eyes (peek-a-boo), or as soon as I walk into the room, he uses his hand to throw me kisses. He is such a cuddle-bear...

    And, I totally "get it" that God knows what I/we need before we even ask Him...I need Him so much; I just lost my temper with my husband a few minutes ago. He walked off and has probably forgotten all about it; I am still upset because he has this way of putting down my family members with the words he uses talking about them. I need God to help me hold my tongue; but, I just can't when I feel my husband is being ugly...I just can't keep my mouth shut ALL the time.

    I so appreciate your daily devotions; I need to read them first thing in the morning to get my day going better!!

  2. I'm with you Barbara - I "can't keep my mouth shut all the time" either! Something I've observed is that it is natural to want to communicate with each other, whether it is my non-verbal son or your precious grandson. Somehow God has put in us an innate desire to communicate. It's all about learning how to "hear" one another. It demonstrates God's intense desire to communicate with us and going to any lengths to be able to do that in a way we understand.

    Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for reading!



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