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Where Did the Sun Go?

In my devotions yesterday I talked about purposefully looking for a way that nature displays His glory. Well, I didn't actually get out of the house as is common for me. Between caregiving and job responsibilities who has time to get out? But I did discover something about God through nature.

I was watching some videos for my classes to be come a health coach and the speaker said something about the sun. He said something to the effect of "the sun doesn't stop shining if the flower doesn't respond by opening up." That's all my high-speed mind needed to run away. I took that thought and meditated on it for some time yesterday.

The sun doesn't get upset if plants don't respond by growing, blooming or bearing fruit. Day after day the sun "comes up" and does its job; but it can't make the plants respond. I have shared openly about my anger with God when my son became injured. I didn't (and still don't) understand how God could allow someone so full of passion, drive and music to suffer a brain injury. I went through my times of not talking to God and ignoring Him. But His mercy did not stop just because I did not respond.

Every morning the sun "comes up" and every evening it "sets." It continues to do its job no matter how the elements of the earth respond. Psalm 104:19 says the sun knows when to set. It never rises to the full day and then forgets which way to go, or what to do. What a picture of God the sun gives us each day.

He is constantly pouring forth His mercy whether we recognize and accept it or not. He doesn't waver or shut off His mercy, love, and care if we refuse or fail to respond. Like the flower that has to reach up to the sun to receive its nutrients, we have to reach up to our Father to receive life. But He is constantly pouring it out for us - on us. The flower doesn't have a choice - it automatically responds to the sunshine; and automatically opens up to receive all the sun has to offer. Unlike the flower, God gave us a will and the power to choose. I have to say that for a long time, I chose to ignore God. I was angry because my life was snatched away with one single phone call. My dreams were gone, my hope was gone - and I honestly didn't have the desire or energy to pursue them, or Him for a long time.

But what I have found is if we will relax and open up like that flower responds to the sun, He is still pouring out His love, mercy and grace. He didn't stop just because I stopped receiving. As a caregiver, I need Him more than ever before. The really cool thing about God is that He is always right there. Wherever we left Him - whatever that frustration point was (or is) that made us throw up our hands and walk away - He's still there. Like the sun - He is consistent in His intentions for us. We have to choose to be intentional with Him.

Today I am going to think about how God has not changed one iota with my circumstances. My meditations will be how He has remained reigning on the throne through my darkest seasons. I'll turn my thoughts to how His mercy never runs out - and the light is always on  even when I can't see it because of the night. My choice today is to respond to Him - even if I can't hear Him. Like the plant cannot hear the sun but opens up in response - so will I open my heart to respond to Him today. Will you join me?


  1. Father God restore to me the joy of my salvation, I feel my heart growing bitter and so very angry. Why God ,why did you take her from me. Why allow this to happen if you are in control of all things ,why. What possible good can come from this. Its been 3 and 1/2 years since my wife accident. For a long time I didn't ask why or blame God but it seems the more time that passes the more I am asking that of Him and the more angry I get. Why?? Then I remember Gods word and promises , I would have despaired unless I believed that we will see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living. Guess the key word here is believe. How very hard that is when I am exhausted from caring for my love and I have no one to care for me. I get so overwhelmed my wife was amazing and I knew she was a gift from God . He gave her to me because lets face it I needed a lot of help. Now I shoulder the whole load and its back breaking most of the time. Thanks for listening Jeanie

    1. I have some of these same questions about my son. Why would God fill him with such creative talent and then wipe all the hope away with a single bad decision by another driver? Why would God give "a song" and then take it away? Sadly, no answers will suffice. The religious answers of "God always has a plan" - or "There's a reason for everything" just annoy me. Some days the "why" outweighs everything else even though there is no reasonable answer...other days I muddle through.

      One thing that helps me out sometimes...not all times.. is the fact that even though my son cannot do the things he did as a musician and his song is "gone" I know his spirit is just the same. I try to treat him accordingly - knowing that his spirit wasn't damaged like his body and brain are. Other days - that doesn't help at all.

      It's okay to grieve my friend. And just because you grieve - doesn't mean you are bitter. We fight the fight against bitterness every single day. But it's a fight worth fighting in the end.

      Thanks so much for sharing your heart, and thanks for reading.



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