Confessions for the "Greatly Afraid"

One of the difficulties of being a full-time caregiver is that life continues around you. It can seem like everyone else's life gets to continue while yours stopped. One example for me, is with my daughter. I figure for her, not only did she lose her brother in this accident, she also lost her mother to caregiving.

So at least once a year, my daughter and I head out of town to have some time together. This was that weekend, and of course, we had a wonderful time together! But then, I still have to come home to the harsh reality of the day-to-day.

As I'm trying to roll out of bed this morning to get the day going, I open my Bible to Psalm 34, no reason really, that's just where it opened to. But I'm glad it did because I gleaned enough to get me through today as I try to get back into the swing of things and catch up with caregiving tasks and work. There are several things that stuck out in the psalm, so we may break it down over the week.

The first part of the psalm stood out to me because the psalmist David took a stand. To set the background we have to consider when this psalm was written. The story behind it is in 1 Samuel 21. David was still running from Saul and in verse 12 it states that he greatly feared king Achish. He literally acted like he was crazy to throw everyone off so he could get away. For me, it's important to realize David had real emotions. He wasn't like a super hero - he was human. The man we recognize as a great warrior wasn't just a little nervous, he was greatly - afraid. And it seems this psalm was born from those moments.

In the first part of the psalm, David makes two declarations. In verse one he says I will bless the Lord. And in verse two, he says My soul will make its boast in the Lord. This can be a game changer for caregivers, as well as for anyone else. There are times when no matter what is going on all around us we have to stand up and say - I will and my soul will....

Today as I shift out of "off work" mode and back into where's my cape mode, I needed to read this. I need to declare that my soul is going to trust in the Lord and that my lips will praise Him, even in the midst of a rocky situation.

Today, my declaration will be I will bless His name, I will praise Him. My soul will rejoice in all He has done. I will turn my thoughts to how He walks this out with me and doesn't abandon or leave me alone. I'll praise Him for the things I see Him working in my life - and thank Him for the things He has not yet done. My meditations will be on how I can bless His name and praise Him today. I'll once again acknowledge Him as God over my life and my soul and I will thank Him. I'll trust Him for one more day - will you join me?


  1. Glad you had a good time with your daughter. May God continue to bless you as you bless His Name.

    1. Hey Leslie, thank you for reading and following along on the journey!



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