But He's Mine

Sorry I missed a day and I'm running late. To say my plate is full would be an understatement - but I know my fellow-caregivers understand that. Just today I've dealt with a home health nurse and a case manager. It was all routine but all before noon, really?

I finally got to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee (okay so it's my third pot - hey I was up late!), grabbed my Bible and just started reading. I was actually preparing for a lesson I'm going to teach tonight but something caught my heart.

In 2 Timothy 2, Paul told Timothy this, God's truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: "The Lord knows those who are His." I just stopped when I read that. My thoughts went to my new normal life. Most of you are all too familiar with the daily grind. But the other day I was talking to a friend about the not-so-daily part meaning the emotions  that can be a struggle. We discussed the depression, anger and frustration that can lie just below the surface. Most days it is well-managed, but we have our days. I know you know.

With this week being a bit more hectic than "normal" for us around here I just needed to get my feet back on the ground and this scripture did that for me today. I sat here and thought about the fact that I am His. And He is okay with that!

The caregiver's life is less than perfect. It's not the "norm" although we find our new norms. It can be ugly sometimes....can't it? I've said many times that even though people leave when life gets ugly - He never abandons us. He still looks at me... He looks at you... and proudly says, that one is mine.

In all the mess, in all the craziness, in all the pain - we are still His.

I was thinking about this and letting it settle in as I pulled up the blog to get started writing. As I was looking for a photo, I saw this one of my son and me the first time I ever took him to a race with me. I thought it was fitting because he's still mine. He doesn't speak.  He doesn't do anything for himself, he is broken. But he's still mine and I'm okay with that.

God looks at us with that same compassion, gentleness and emotion. We are His no matter how broken we may feel or how un-normal our lives seem. He still looks at us with love and fondly says - with a twinkle in His eye - this one is mine.

Today I am going to think about how I am His and He doesn't want out of the deal. Just like I accept my kids no matter what, unconditionally, He accepts me. My meditation will be on His unconditional love, compassion and watchfulness over my soul. I'm going to think about how I'm His and how He will never, never, never let go - He's content that I am His and so I am. I'll embrace the comfort that comes with those thoughts and I'll rest in Him for one more day. Will you join me?


  1. So powerful. I'm His. Always. She's mine. Always.

    Thanks for sharing, I'll be chewing on this for a while.

    1. I am still thinking on it myself! Thanks for reading!


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