I Will Care for You

My mom and aunt

I will care for you
When your strength is gone
And you can’t do it on your own
When you aren’t sure what to do
Or don’t remember how to…
I will care for you.

When reality passes away
Like it’s the end of a day
Your mind’s in the clouds
But you know everyone in a crowd
Your memory starts to fail
And your body is oh so frial..
I will care for you.

You misunderstand the simplest stuff
Don’t know if you’re hungry or had enough
When you don’t know the time or the day
I’ll take your worry away
And I’ll care for you.

I’ll assure you of my love
Hug you and tell you  - you’re safe with me.
I will care for you.

I’ll help you dress
And all the unspoken rest
Showing you dignity even in my pain
Tears in my eyes as I watch you fade
I will care for you.

When you can’t talk – I’ll be your voice
If you don’t know – I’ll make the choice
I’ll listen to your stories again and again
Because soon they will be silent…

Although we’ve gotten here by life’s chance
I’ll be your lead in this long slow dance
It wasn’t what we expected
Didn’t see it coming at all
We’ll do the best we can –
Just take my hand

I will care for you.

(c) J Olinger 2018

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