Safe and Loved

tender moments between mom and son
This morning as I bent over my son's hospital bed to kiss his forehead, I whispered, I want you to feel safe and loved. Many times, our loved ones are so vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. As a mother and a caregiver, I have such a sense of needing to also be advocate and protector.

My son cannot speak for himself, I have looked at some camps designed specifically for brain injury victims - they look wonderful. But I cannot stay with my son. Since he cannot speak, he would not be able to tell me if there was anyone hurting him in any way. I just can't take him. When I get respite for him I take him to a nursing home where my sister works. I also know several of the staff so I feel he is better watched over.

Those who need caregiving are often the most vulnerable among us. I just wanted my son to be assured I was here to protect him and to ensure his safety. Specifically, I wanted him to know he is loved. He seems so alone sometimes even though I am with him always.

As I was having this tender moment with my son, I realized how God must feel the same way about us. He longs for us to feel secure. He longs for us to feel His love for us. Sometimes I wish I could just take my son up in my arms and hold him. He's just a little too big for that! But does God wish we would present ourselves to Him in such a way that He could scoop us up and hold us? I think maybe He does.

We are safe in His arms - He is the protector of our souls - that part of us that doesn't die.

Today, I'm going to meditate on His intense desire to be with me. (and you....) I'll turn my thoughts to how He longs for us to come to Him, to rest on Him and to feel secure and loved. I'll think about how He guards my soul - my mind, will and emotions and how He keeps the part of me that will never die safe and securely tucked away in His heart. And with that I'll trust Him for one more day - will you join me?


  1. Yes! This was so meaningful and confirming for me. Thank you for sharing this.


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