One Big Question

Caregiving has a way of knocking you around a bit. Even when things are going good it can seem like the littlest things suck the wind out of you.I've spent my days wondering where God was, if He could help me. So, this morning while reading in Jeremiah, I found this question. It caught my attention because I've asked it and I've seen it in scriptures a couple of other places. The one big question is this: Where is God?

I've looked at this question in scriptures before. My first study involved Gideon in Judges 6 and the children of Israel in Exodus 17. I noticed they both asked the same question. When Gideon asked it during the encounter with the angel he got the response go in this your strength. It was like the question was right and approved of. But when the children of Israel asked where is God in Exodus 17 (also mentioned in Psalm 95), it was considered testing the Lord. Same question - totally different response from God.

So, this morning I was surprised to find this same big question in Jeremiah 2:6. It seems that God was upset with His children because they didn't ask where He was. I found this interesting. It seems that it's our attitude behind the question. If we are truly looking for Him when we ask it, He answers with His presence. If we are actually looking for another route, another way, another god when we ask it, then it's out of rebellion and stubbornness that God cannot tolerate.

I must admit I took a close look at my own heart as I read and reread these scriptures. I have to say when I've wondered where He was in my pain and struggles it's because I trust Him and need Him. The people in Jeremiah weren't looking for God - and that was their mistake. Gideon was truly looking for God and that was his blessing and his escape.

Today, I will remind myself that God has nowhere to go. He is everywhere and couldn't leave me if He did want to. I'll turn my thoughts to those places and times when I have seen Him act on my behalf. I'll think about the times He has blessed me with peace, provision, wisdom and even patience. My meditations will be on His omnipresence and the truth that He will never leave me even in difficult times. And I will remind myself that I only need to look for Him to find Him. Will you join me?

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