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Behind and Before

This week I've continued my studies in Psalm 62. I'm still meditating and writing out some things from this phrase in verse 5 let all that I am. It's more than "okay" to bring all that we are before Him, it's required for a whole relationship. While thinking about bringing all that I am (and all that I am not) before Him openly I found myself once again in Psalm 139.

It seems David understood how intimately God knows us - whether we acknowledge it or not. I love this whole psalm, but as I was reading and rereading it this morning this phrase in verse 5 stood out to me - Behind and before.

David is in the middle of a discourse about how God knows us through and through. He knows our thoughts, words, deeds, ways, movements... pretty much everything! Then David says this You have hedged me behind and before and laid Your hand on me. (NASB) I paused for a bit to think about that. God has hedged us - enclosed us. So I wondered, what did He enclose us in?  Time?

I think He has enclosed us behind and before with Himself. He covers us. Surrounds us. He's got our past covered and our future covered with His grace. And He's not afraid to touch us - He has laid His hand on us! It seems to me that He has made us the center of His attention. He makes sure our paths (although not perfect, smooth, or easy) are wrapped by Him. If we can see ourselves encapsulated in His presence, surrounded by Him - it makes each step a bit easier, I think. I can't step far enough to step away from Him. My pathway cannot get so entangled that He is not in the next step. I'm hedged in behind and before. I love that thought!

Today, I will think about how His presence surrounds me. There wasn't an "off" button because I became a caregiver. He isn't afraid of our live's picture and He's not scared to reach in and touch us either. I'll be purposefully grateful that He's got me hedged in and His hand is still on my life. And as I meditate on how thoroughly He has me covered - I'll just rest in Him and trust Him for today. Will you join me?


  1. My daddy came down with alzheimers after a truck accident in which the oilfield pipe came thru the cab. The results of the wreck besides broken bones was a blood clot that hit his brain and cause a stroke. The alz is what ultimately took his life in 2005. But from 1990 there followed 15 years of care giving that were on my momma so hard. Us to as grown children. Then in 2000. My own husband had a car wreck with brain trauma. He had to learn all over agian, eating walking, talking, driving, everything. He passed away after 12 years. But while he was alive I was literally torn between helping momma w dad and helping my own husband plus raising 2 teenagers. My kids grew up fast and hard. But, both are amazing people. I am a very proud mother and grandmother.

    In saying all of this I wanted you to know that not only do I truly understand what you are going thru. I know just how important that hand of God is on us, and that the hedge of protection around us is.

    Learning to say ok I need a break for self recharge is vital. Do you have a support system that allows you that time?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing a small piece of your life with us. It's definitely not for the faint of heart! Thank you for asking about a support system as that is so important for caregivers. I do have a system in place. My daughter and SIL purchased a large house so I have help whenever I need it. It means I can rest or work when I need to and get out - sometimes to just go see about my aunt or take care of her needs. Before I had to call for help - that's so important too. Caregivers need people they know they can call on when they need them!

      thanks for reading!


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