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The Value of a Rock

This is not a rock in the picture - it's actually a stack of hay that was about 2-3 stories tall. I climbed it during an obstacle course run one weekend. I felt like I had conquered all from up there! Honestly, I'm just using it because I can't find a picture of me on a rock. :-)

I'm going to break down the three positions in Him I pointed out in yesterday's devotion. After I posted it, I started thinking about each of the ways God protects us as listed in Psalm 62:6. He can be our rock - our shelter - our fortress.

Let's think about a rock - a BIG rock first. I can hide behind it. If it's big enough I can crouch down and my enemy will never be able to see me. I am safely hidden from approaching harm. I can't really get under a rock - but I can position myself behind it so that it is all my enemy sees as he approaches. We can hide behind Him - He protects us from direct onslaughts of the enemy.

But here's a cool thing about a rock. I can also get on top of it. One of my favorite views is found in Wilburton, Oklahoma at Robbers Cave State Park. There's an abandoned cave - the state closed the cave to keep people from getting inside long ago. But you can go up the side on a rocky trail to get to the top. I love standing there taking in the view as you can see for miles in almost every direction. Pine trees create a natural picture frame around the picturesque landscape. It's beautiful. I love to climb up there and imagine how the bad cowboys back in the day used it as their lookout.

I think it's fair to draw a parallel there too. We can get up on our rock  - and see ahead. He will alert us to what is coming if we pay close attention. I can hide behind Him - or I can be held up high by Him. Psalm 18:48 says, He delivers me from my enemies - and lifts me up above those who rise up against me. He can be a protective layer from our enemies or He can lift us up above fear, doubt, confusion, exhaustion....(the caregiver's enemies).

Today, I'm going to think about how He is that rock for me. A place to hide - and when that's not quite good enough - He will lift me above the caregiver's fog - and set me on the rock. My meditation will be on how He is my protector and He has my best interest at heart - His heart. I'll trust Him today whether I am lifted high or hidden behind His glory. Will you join me?


  1. I have been a spousal caregiver for 1 1/2 years now. This
    is a journey no one can fully comprehend unless one has traveled this road. And I am 75years old - another journey (aging) one cannot fully understand until you make the journey.

    I just today found your devotional. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing part of your journey with us. Caregiving is certainly not easy and neither is aging - although I'm a little behind you - just pushing 60. I'm glad you found the devotional and I hope it helps in some small way. Thank you for reading!



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