I'm sure we should be happy for a new year as it symbolizes new beginnings, right? But for the caregiver, it can mean just more of the same. There's not really a new way to do a lot of the tasks we have to complete - it's day in and day out - the same ole same ole. But of course, there are always hiccups in the way so there's no way to totally settle in to a routine. As sure as you do - something will bounce around like a call to urgent care, deliveries not on time, aides not showing up... I'm sure you've got a few of your own hiccups to list!

King Solomon said it right when he said, there's nothing new under the sun. We'll just keep on doing what we do. But if we are not careful, we'll get sucked in and under. I know I have a few times over the years. If that's our perspective it doesn't take too much for the enemy to knock us out.

Let's toss another verse in the mix. Lamentations says, His mercies are new every morning. It's kind of up to us which of these we will grab for the day. While caregiving can be mundane, lonely, and overwhelming - if we change our perspective, we might make each day a bit better than the one before.

Today, let's purposefully recognize His mercies are new even in our old. He sends rains of refreshing even in our drought. He pours in mercy, peace, and joy even in the harshest circumstances. It's all about perspective.

Today, I'll set my mind on the things above and try not to focus on the mundane. My thoughts will be on how His mercies are new for me today. I'll let Him carry me through the difficult times, let Him undergird me with His strength when I have none. I'll purpose to look at things differently today - will you join me?

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