Twice Found

So, yesterday we looked at Genesis 16 and how Hagar had been run out by Sarai and God found her by the brook. As the story goes, he sent her back to Abraham’s household. I personally think she had a few attitudes to deal with. Time passes. Ishmael is born. Isaac is born. Now we have round two. Ishmael scoffed at Isaac and mother hen Sarah gets upset and runs Hagar and her teenage son out once again.

This time, Hagar thinks she and her son are going to die. She cannot bear the sight of it and goes where he can’t see and cries. How many times have I done that? I try to encourage my son and then retreat to my room to bear it all out to God. Even as He heard the cries of Hagar rise before Him, I’m sure He hears our cries too.

As Hagar is distraught once again, and not sure what to do – God heard the voice of the lad. (Genesis 21:17) But the angel called to Hagar. He asked her what was wrong as He had heard the voice of her son. Here she is in another situation where she’s not sure what to do. Her life of luxury (in that day) is gone and she can’t go back this time. She is no doubt confused, forsaken, alone, and has no one to turn to. She can’t just go home. There’s no home to go to.

God opened her eyes, showed her where water was so they could both live and she began to thrive again. He met her where she was once again. In chapter 16, it says He found her, and here she is in a troubled spot once again and God shows up for her again. He didn’t say, you’ve been in this before, I got nothing. He had no condemnation, He didn’t ignore her for asking too often. He didn’t tell her she had used all her “tickets” up. Instead, He finds her again – and offers compassion and grace.

I’ve often wondered if God gets tired of my complaints and whining? Does He get tired of my situation like people do? Does He get frustrated at the ongoing battles caregiving can present? Because you know, there’s always something – even on the best of days! Lol. The answer is no. He does not become weary or tired. (Isaiah 40:28) Like Hagar – He just keeps finding us because He keeps searching for us. He doesn’t shun us when life doesn’t make sense anymore. He looks for us instead and lifts us up and out.

Today, I will be thankful that God doesn’t abandon us in the tight spots. I’ll be grateful that He keeps looking for us and finding us day after day. My meditation will be on the peace it brings to my heart knowing He’s always right here – looking, seeing, and hearing our hearts. I’ll rest in that thought as I trust Him just for today. Will you join me?

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