Better Get Running

It's funny (not haha) to watch the world adjust to living in a cave during this pandemic. As caregivers, most of us are used to it on some level or another. Sadly, we are used to being treated like we have the plague, at least in some circles. There is so much uncertainty and insecurity as well as lots of adjustments to make. It reminds me of when I first brought my son home to care for him. I was so afraid. Every time I needed to transfer him, I'd get sick to my stomach from fear I'd drop him or hurt him in some way. Of course, he's better and I've adjusted. We always do - but sometimes after dealing with much shock! lol. And the world will figure it out too. Eventually.

My go-to scripture in difficult times is PSalm 46:1. It says it all. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. I'm camping out in this verse this week and sharing it in live devotions on Facebook. This morning, I just looked at the very first phrase - God is our refuge. Now, the funny thing about a refuge is it's always standing. It's always there. However - it's up to us to run to it. It's up to us to take refuge in that safe place. We also have to stay there. God cannot provide refuge for us if we are running around outside it declaring He's our refuge. The key is to get inside and stay inside.

I encourage you to run to Him. Then, stay there. Trust Him in this crisis - just like we've been trusting Him all this time. Whether you know Him or not - He will welcome you into His heart with open arms.

Today, I will meditate on how He protects me during the storm. I'll purposefully run to Him and stay in His refuge. My thoughts will be on how He protects my whole being - my soul and my heart. I'll trust Him for today - will you join me?

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