Giving and Receiving

I've heard my self quoting the first part of John 14:27 a lot lately. So this morning I decided to look it up. Jesus tells His disciples Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you not as the world gives - do I give to you. But as I read it again this morning, I realized I've been leaving off the last part. It says Let not your heart be troubled - neither let it be afraid. (NASB)

That's important, of course, because Jesus said it, but so that we can keep the peace He gives to us. If you think about the act of giving - it requires the act of receiving. Have you ever given someone something and they give it back? To them, it was interpreted as worthless. It feels horrible when someone does that, doesn't it?

Jesus wants us to receive His peace - we gotta take it - and embrace it. As caregivers, our days can be anything but peaceful sometimes. We hit the floor running most days. Some nights we run all night too - when our loved one doesn't sleep well or is sick. But then we still have to do all the "normal" stuff that makes up our day. There's no exemption card for hard days! We cannot call in sick, either. We have to press through the best we can.

But we do not have to be troubled. We do not have to be afraid. We can choose to embrace His peace. I'll be the first to tell you that some days that's a LOT easier said than done. But it is a matter of choice and a lot of persistence too.

Today, I am going to receive His gift of peace. I don't have to understand it - I just need to embrace it and then LET it rule in my heart instead of uncertainty. My meditation will be on His peace and not life's disruptions. I'll rest in Him today - just today since that's all He told us to handle at a time. My thoughts will remain on the peace He gives me. Will you join me?

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