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As the pandemic begins to wind down, questions abound. As caregivers we are charged with the care of the nation's most vulnerable population. Our household has stayed in for 5 or 6 or how ever many weeks now to protect my son and grandson.

Over the next couple of weeks, some businesses will slowly start to open. I'm not sure it looks much different for me. I'm anxious to get Chris out into nature again! But caution wins out ever time I consider it. I don't think it's fear - but who knows what any emotion is at this point? Some of us have numbed out, and some of us nearly stroked out. lol. One thing that brings me comfort is the history of the Spanish flu. It did come to an end. Sadly, it was after many losses.

Not knowing what the days ahead hold can leave us with feelings of uncertainty. Maybe there are some feelings of security and safety from staying in our homes. I'm anxious to see my mom and aunt again, though. I am thankful I have my son at home - I'd be a basket case if he was in a facility. I'd probably go apply to be an aid - for real!

There seem to be so many things to be anxious for as each day unfolds. In Psalm 139:23, David asks God to know my anxious thoughts. On one hand, I'm like, Lord, You might not want to do that - it's a bit scary in there. But on the other hand, I'm all in - asking God to dig through all the crazy places in my mind - and then insert peace.

Isn't it cool that David penned this psalm all those years ago and we have it now to hold on to during this pandemic - storm? David was in earnest prayer without realizing what he was writing would someday be printed (unimaginable) and read by generations to come. I'm thankful for his openness and honesty, aren't you?

Today, my prayer is for God to search all my anxious thoughts and replace them with peace. His peace is lasting. Jesus said His peace wasn't like what the world could give. (John 14:27) My thoughts will pursue His peace today and I'll turn my meditations to embracing it and letting it rule in my heart and mind. Will you join me on that?

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