One Day in the Grave

Today is Saturday, and tomorrow is when most of our culture celebrates the Resurrection. I say it needs to be something we celebrate daily in our lives, but corporately, tomorrow is the day. If we think about it, today is the only whole day Jesus spent in the tomb. He was crucified and buried on Friday - and rose on Sunday. It's the only 24-hour day the earth was silent.

Imagine how the disciples were feeling on this day. Jesus had been their hope, they had pictured Him setting up a physical kingdom and now their dreams and all they had invested in for the last three years was gone. They were scared. Most likely, they were silent. Sometimes as a caregiver, I've experienced pain beyond words. There just isn't always a good way to articulate feelings or emotions, especially when they are so deep in our souls.

Silence isn't always bad. I go back to Psalm 46:10 where God encourages the psalmist to be still and know I am God. Sounds simple, huh? But being still and quiet isn't always easy in our busy digitally connected lives, is it? 

As I was sharing video devotions this morning on Facebook Live, I realized that sometimes, being quiet and acknowledging that He is God - is an act of worship. Our minds are being inundated with information day in and day out. We are stressed beyond what we ever imagined and as caregivers, we can go numb. In some ways - we are in a state of shock.

But God is still God and acknowledging that when the world is spinning around in sporadic circles - is worship. There's no fanfare, no entertainment value, no song and dance. But it's worship. Religion wants us to think worship looks like a well-orchestrated song or show. But in that moment that we quiet our souls and our minds and just say You are God. That's an expression of worship - pure and simple. But powerful too.

Today, I will try to quiet my very busy mind - and I will stop the worry and anxious thoughts that He knows so well - and I will just say: You are still God. You are still my God! My meditation will be on His existence and I'll focus on that instead of my own existence for today. I'll wait for His peace to fill me and I will embrace it and let it rule in my heart today. Will you join me?

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