The Most Powerful Tool

As April continues to be unrolled before us it is uncertain what is ahead. For those of us who are either part of the vulnerable population or caring for someone who is among the most vulnerable - the days are more uncertain. On one hand, many caregivers are used to some level of social isolation. But what little liberty we have had has been taken away. It's easy, and natural to experience a sense of loss during this time.

This morning, as I was preparing for the two daily devotions I try to do, I found myself in Colossians 4 and verse 2. Paul encouraged the believers to devote themselves to prayer. He also told them to be alert and diligent about it. Well, it's likely that there is a lot more prayer going on in our world today than there was before Covid-19. But Paul gave another aspect of prayer I found beneficial.

The apostle Paul said to pray - with an attitude of thanksgiving. Now, giving thanks may not be at the forefront of our minds right now - especially while feeling such losses. But it is a powerful component. It's not a manipulative strategy to try and get the answer you want to your prayer. On the contrary, it changes your attitude. Being thankful is a powerful tool that can change our dreary thoughts into more pleasant ones.

I know we have a lot nagging at our hearts, minds, and emotions right now. But if we can purposefully find things to be thankful for we can make our day better. Are your lights on? Do you have tv? Do you have internet? Is there food in your house? I'd say start with these if you are looking for a way to be thankful today. Don't let the seriousness of our circumstances drag you down and out. Bring all your requests to God - but bring them with a thankful heart. It will change our perspective and attitude.

Today, I purpose to be thankful. I'll start with salvation and I'll include the truth that God is still on the throne and His kingdom is not shaken by the Coronavirus. Then, I'll thank Him that I have a roof over my head (today), I have internet so I can stay in touch with others. I'll be thankful for the food in my kitchen even if it's not what I want to eat. I'll let Him lift the weighty burden off my heart and mind by thanking Him today. Will you join me?

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