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Big Enough

me and chris at the park in Norman

 Change is inevitable as we ride out the waves of caregiving. Even though we figure out a way to survive from day to day, the unexpected can occur at any time. These can be little, big, or huge! We just sort of learn to roll with the tide, don't we? The tougher part is that our emotions can roll with those tides too. Maybe there's a big swell of sadness, grief, or happiness. Then we may dip down to despair or despondency. We just never really know, for real! But we just keep riding it out day after long day. But you know what's cool? God rides it out with us.

He is big enough to carry us and keep us secure in all the rolls and turns of caregiving. No matter how high or low the tides of emotions go, no matter how joyous or sad a day becomes, and no matter how difficult or easy navigating the day-to-day is - He is big enough to handle it. He's big enough to handle my emotions, my tears, my joys, my everything-in-between.

We literally never have to worry about if He has the capacity to meet us where we are or not. He's there. wherever there is for me or for you. He never clocks out for the weekend. He doesn't explain He needs to get some advice or says that something is beyond the scope of his practice. (Ever hear that one from a medical professional? It's disheartening and disappointing.) No matter what comes or goes - He's big enough. He's got it. He's got us. 

Every once in a while, I'm just overcome by grief. I find myself crumbling into a tearful pile. But like you, it's short-lived as I must shake it off, wipe the tears away, and get things done. No one else is going to do them. lol... The show must go on, right? Many forget about the caregiver. We can feel shoved to the side - and although we are important when it comes to caring for our loved ones, it's easy to feel forgotten and unimportant for just being us. God is big enough to handle that too.

Whether we are a caregiver or a caregivee - He is big enough for it all. He is big enough to carry our emotions. He is still big enough to provide as we need it. He is big enough to shoulder our every need - and He's big enough to carry us too. Some days, that's what we need - someone to care or caregive for us, right? He's got that covered too!

Today, I'll shift my gaze from all the responsibilities I must fulfill, all the chores I need to do, from the work that keeps piling up on my plate - and I'll look to Him. I'll remind myself that He is big enough to carry it all - and He is big enough to carry me too! Even if I only have a few minutes (or seconds), I'll spend it in His lap thanking Him for being my "big enough." Will you join me?


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