Go-To Scriptures

 I was visiting with a lady from Alaska yesterday. She was telling me about a ministry she helps with and she said they had a main scripture. It made me wonder if I needed one. I thought about what she'd said for some time, but couldn't settle on a single scripture that I would call my "life scripture." You know? My favorite passages change from day to day. Sometimes, it's from moment to moment!

I can say I have a lot of go-to scriptures. We talk about a lot of them here. Psalm 46:1 - God is my refuge and strength - a very present help in time of trouble. I go to that one a lot. But I have held onto Psalm 57:1 for years and declared that I will stay under His shadow and shelter until calamities are past. On any given day I may meditate on any number of verses I've read in my devotions or just a random one that comes to mind. Since His word is alive - and it's in us - you just never know which one may pop up!

Maybe that's why it's so important to hide His word in our hearts. When we need it - Holy Spirit will help us recall it. My students used to ask me to pray for them before their big tests. I always asked if they had studied. If they said no - I told them to pray that they will recall what they studied would be a waste of time. lol. It's true - if we put scriptures in, then God has something to work with. He'll help us remember the things we've read. 

I have some go-to scriptures on peace. Some on His goodness. A few verses I run to when I need comfort. And then I have a whole lot of them on trusting Him in the storms of life. Maybe it's because I live in a storm. (smile) So I have a lot of go-to scriptures, but not just one I can say - this is my verse. "My verse" changes with the winds of the day. I grab whatever passage is going to help me make it through the day with my faith intact. Can you identify? 

With all that being said, I love scripture. I love His word. I love the way it changes me and helps me shape my perspective to be more like His. It's like a one-stop-shop - there's a little bit of everything in there. We find comfort, peace, joy, direction, wisdom, grace, mercy, and the list goes on. 

Today, I will remind myself of the power of His word and I'll allow it to work in my life today. As I meditate on His word today, I'll thank Him for His word's power to change me and I'll let His word shape my day. Will you join me?


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