In the Boat - In a Storm

 I've been rolling a lot of questions and thoughts over and over in my mind. The big question I keep coming up with is this: what if He doesn't? You can fill the blank in with your circumstances. For me - it's what if He doesn't ever heal my son, can I live with that? What if the "morning" never comes - because joy comes in the morning, right? What if trouble does last "always"? (Trouble don't last always, they say.) What if He doesn't calm the storm while we are out there in the boat? 

I've been thinking about it a lot. In my mind, I'm sitting out in a boat and there's a storm raging all around me. We know the story in Mark 4 where Jesus was in the boat asleep in the middle of the storm. (That's total peace right there!) Then in Matthew 14, He came walking out on the water to his disciples in the boat in the middle of the storm. I've had people tell me that trouble won't last forever - the storm will go away. But so far, I've found that it hasn't. What if Jesus doesn't come out in the middle of the storm? What if He doesn't tell it to be still? What if I'm just sitting there in my little boat while life's seas are rocking me around? What then?

I guess I'll just sit in my little boat and wait for Him! When I die - I'll still be sitting in that boat. lol. I have nothing better to do than wait for Him - whatever that looks like. Whether He comes like I imagine He could - or not - I'll still wait for Him. 

Are you in a boat on the stormy seas? What are our options? Jumping out into the sea? Trying to swim to shore in the middle of crazy waves? I choose to wait. And if He never comes I'll just still be sitting there in my boat waiting on Him. Hope comes when we wait. Peace comes when we wait. Eventually, morning will come - when we wait on Him. 

Today, I will wait on Him. I will wait until peace comes before I move one muscle! I've determined that no matter what the seas look like, or how they roar - I'll be sitting there in my boat waiting for Him. Will you join me?


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