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Constants vs Variables


Chris giving us "the look"

I love algebra, maybe because I like a good challenge! As a matter of fact, I loved algebra so much, that I became a math teacher. This morning, I was thinking about how far behind I am with work and how demanding caregiving can be when it comes to organizing time. My mind wandered off to the bills I need to pay, dealing with Chris' health issues, and how to juggle my clients most effectively. 

Then I thought about how our lives can be in a constant state of flux. We never know what a day will bring and how fast our circumstances can change. I say this after a week-long unexpected stay in the hospital with my son. What does that have to do with math? I am so glad you asked!!!

Things change - that's the variable. An example of an algebraic equation might be 2x + 4 = 24. (Don't worry- I won't ask you to solve it!) The numbers are constants. That means they will not change, but that little "x"? He is a variable, meaning he could be anything. Variables change. The value of the "x" in this equation is 10. But put that x in another equation and it would have a totally different value. The point is that variables change in value, or they vary. Constants will always be the same, meaning a 2 is always a 2, etc.

But it's that little x that worries people, right? Mostly because it can change. It's easy to spend so much time worrying about things that change that we miss the things that don't. What am I getting at? I'm learning to shift my focus to things that don't change and off of things that do. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day caregiving stuff. And while I need to take care of all those responsibilities, my focus needs to be on things that don't change.

For example - God's love is never going to change. His peace will remain. He continues to cover us and carry us with His grace. His mercy is always here to help in our time of need - and He will remain present...always.

Today, I will shift my focus and my heart from the variables in my life to the constants. I'll direct my thoughts to His presence, peace, and passionate pursuit of my heart. And the second I feel that sense of peace He gives - I'll rest and let Him carry me through the rest of my day. Will you join me?


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