The Smallest Things

I'm helping Chris stand in the standing frame in our apartment in Norman

 I realized a few years ago that I was turning my thoughts into prayers. As thoughts came across my mind, I began to phrase them as questions for God. I turned to asking Him for wisdom, desiring direction, or pursuing answers from His word. When you spend day after day alone with your own thoughts and no one to talk to - it can get a little interesting, can't it?

I talk to God about the littlest and silliest things sometimes. Like how the intricacies of a flower petal are so perfect yet unique. Or how silly a bug looks. But I talk to Him about the big stuff too - like finances, caregiving, and the heavier things on my heart, and the things that trouble my mind. And you know what? He likes it that way! He really does want to hear what's on our hearts. I believe He enjoys us sharing all the little details and big prayer requests as well. Why? It's open communication - relationship.

Sometimes, I wonder if God should be "bothered" with my mental mumblings. But then I am reminded that sometimes, it's the smallest things that help solidify relationships. My BFF and I have been friends for over 50 years and we can talk about anything at any given time! We know each other and no detail is to big or small for us to share. It's part of what makes us friends. 

God desires that kind of relationship with us as well, I really believe that. We've missed a lot by thinking that prayer is just taking Him a laundry list of all the things we need. But He wants to hear from us more - and more often. We can bring Him all the big stuff, sure - but we can bring Him all the tiny stuff too!

Today, I will focus more on turning all my thoughts into conversations with God. I'll bring all the big stuff, and the smallest stuff to Him today. I'll let Him sort through what is "important" - because what's really important to Him, I believe, is our communion with Him. So, today I'll "talk His ear off"! Will you join me?


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