Voided Warranty

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This morning I was thinking about how we can feel the effect of God's peace, love, grace, and mercy even if we don't see Him. I shared in my Facebook live devotion this morning about being able to see the sun's effect without actually being able to see the sun. (See video below!) While I was talking about that I had this brief thought that has been my meditation since I finished the devotion.

I said that there's no way to void God's "warranty." Ever buy something and if you open it wrongly or do something they deem "wrong" it will void the warranty and the company will no longer cover or service it? I'm so thankful that God isn't like that. His peace, grace, mercy, love, and everything else can't be "voided" by our negligent or purposeful actions. He doesn't take any of these or His many other attributes and blessings back because of our actions. We may choose to ignore His peace (like I do sometimes when I am mad at life), but it's still right there when we need it. It's still available for us to apply to our hearts and lives. He won't take it back even if we choose to step outside of it. We can't "void" its warranty. 

This is one of the things I talk about a lot in our caregiver devotions. Our lives don't get too complicated or ugly for Him to take back any of His promises. His grace doesn't diminish and His peace won't run out even though we keep them running full throttle with our day-to-day lives as caregivers. He never gets tired of us - and He encourages us to keep running to Him - rather than running away from Him.

We can't surprise Him or startle Him with our crazy responses, questions, or situations. I love that. He won't disqualify us for His grace, mercy, or peace. Actually, He lavishes it on us even more because He knows we need it. He told Paul that His grace was sufficient. Since we know that He is enough for all we need or desire - we can trust that His grace is enough to carry us through and we will not do anything to void His warranty! It's just up to us to continue to trust in Him as we navigate through our days caring for our loved ones.

Today, I will remind myself that His grace is enough to sustain me, help me, carry me when needed. My meditations will be on how He is so consistently grace-full, mercy-full, and patient with me. He even puts up with my tirades and fits. But He still chooses to be there for me and with me. I'll remind myself that His grace, love, mercy, and peace won't ever expire and I'm not capable of wearing them out, using them up, or voiding their warranties! Then, I will trust Him for today - will you join me?


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