Never Runs Out

 This morning, as I was waking up, my mind seemed to already be racing. Some of it was all the stuff I need to get done today - including those that needed to be done yesterday. I'm also dealing with a lot of emotional baggage right now. For some reason, I feel especially lonely. Like alone- alone. I hope you don't understand, but I'm pretty sure you do. As I was wiping the sleep out of my eyes, my mind was running through all this. Over and over and over.

I had to take a couple of minutes to kind of shake myself and remind myself that His peace is still right here. He doesn't have an off switch for when we are sleeping, or not paying attention. His peace remains - it never runs out. Neither does His grace, mercy, and love. They all remain, even when my mind forgets.

Then, I had this thought about how I set reminders on my phone. I have tons of them. lol. I have one for any out-of-the-normal meds for me and Chris. There's one for each of the Bible studies I do weekly. There's one to remind me to clock in M-F as Chris' PCA. Then, I set one to remind me to clock out. 

I started thinking that maybe I needed to set one to remind myself about His peace. Maybe I should set a reminder to stop and be thankful. Because when I turned my mind to thankfulness for all He has done, including not abandoning me, my heart got a little lighter and my brain's traffic slowed down. I started thanking Him for His consistent grace, peace, love, and presence in this crazy thing called life. That's when they all (grace, peace, love) all showed up. 

Well, it wasn't so much that they showed up - they've been right here with me all along. I just got distracted by all the stuff. Paul told the Roman believers that he knew they knew God and His goodness, but he wanted to remind them of it. (Romans 15:15) So, let this devotion today be your reminder that He won't run out on you. His peace doesn't have an "off" switch. We just have to remember that He's with us - no matter what.

Today, I'll meditate on His ever-abiding presence - even if I don't feel it. I'll remind myself that all He is remains and that He remains with me. He will not run out or pull the plug on His peace today! Will you join me?

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